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The Maidaan, Victory Construction, and Midtown Jhelum: Supporting Local Talent Through Sports Sponsorship

The Maidaan Group, Victory Construction, and Midtown Jhelum are proud to announce their sponsorship of the Night Kobras cricket team in the ongoing Sohawa Cricket League in Jhelum, Pakistan.  Our dedication to developing young talent and fostering sportsmanship in our community is demonstrated by this sponsorship.

As the top Jhelum real estate developers, we’re committed to building thriving communities where people can live well. We understand the value of sports in uniting people, building a sense of community, and imparting virtues such as perseverance and teamwork.

Young cricket players can compete at a high level and display their skills in the Sohawa Cricket League. Our sponsored team, the Night Kobras, has already won two matches, displaying their immense talent. We have no doubt that they will win the tournament with our continuous support.

Our goal of promoting young talent for Pakistan is the driving force behind our sponsorship of the Night Kobras. We believe that sports and immersive activities for the youth, have the power to significantly influence young minds. We are assisting them in developing the abilities and qualities that will help them succeed in life, by giving them the chance to play competitive sports.

Our sponsorship of the Sohawa Cricket League is a way for us to give back to the community in addition to helping develop young talent. We are dedicated to supporting projects that enhance Jhelum; because we have a strong love for the city and its residents. We think that this sponsorship represents a wise investment in our youth’s futures and our community.


Our Commitment to Sports Sponsorship

We intend to continue such healthy sponsorships in the future. We are dedicated to providing Jhelum sports with sustained support. We firmly think that sportsmen can be a catalyst for positive change, and we’re dedicated to doing our share to support active lifestyles and healthy lifestyle choices for all people in our community.

Beyond the Cricket Field

Our dedication to payback to the community isn’t limited to the cricket pitch. We are already in the game by providing simplifying real estate solutions through The Maidaan, providing expert construction services through victory construction, and rewriting Jhelum’s history through the Midtown Jhelum mega project. 

We think that when we invest in our youth, we are also investing in Jhelum’s future. Our goal is to establish a city where every young person can realize their full potential.


Join Us in Supporting Young Talent

We cordially invite you to participate with us in our dedication to developing Jhelum’s youth. You can become involved in a variety of ways, including by lending a hand with our initiatives, or just educating others about the value of promoting youth development.

By working together, we can positively impact the lives of young people in Jhelum and assist them in realizing their aspirations.

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