Near Punjab University, GT Road, Jhelum, Pakistan

Midtown Jhelum

Prince One Mall

In the heart of Midtown Jhelum, Prince One Mall stands as a beacon of commercial and residential brilliance. This dynamic hub in a thriving housing society is the epitome of modernity and sustainability, seamlessly weaving luxury apartments, offices, shops, Penthouses and food courts. We pledge to redefine your experience with ultimate grandeur and accessibility.

  • Type Commercial & Residential

  • Status Under Construction

Prince One Mall Side View

Our Mission

At Prince One Mall, we are driven by a singular mission to prove Luxury Made Accessible a lived reality for all. Our commitment is to craft an immersive environment that seamlessly blends opulence with inclusivity. Our relentless pursuit is to cultivate a vibrant community hub that fosters connections, enriches lifestyles, and redefines the standards of accessible luxury in shopping, business, and leisure.

Prince One Mall Landscape

Our Vision

Our vision at Prince One Mall is to epitomize modernity and sophistication while staying true to our ethos of "Luxury Made Accessible." We envision being the preferred destination harmonizing luxury, convenience, and accessibility. Our goal is to create a dynamic space that not only caters comprehensively to commercial and residential needs but also emerges as a nucleus for community engagement and growth.

Prince One Mall

Building Remarkable Places Developers

In tune with the legacy of excellence, Victory Construction is developing Prince One Mall to embrace the skyline of Midtown Jhelum. As a premier realestate construction company, Victory Construction is curating a diverse project portfolio, meeting the unique needs of every segment of society.

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Prince ONE Mall

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  • Studio Apartments
  • 1-Bed Apartments
  • 2-Bed Apartments
  • Deluxe
  • Penthouses


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  • Studio Offices 
  • Standard Offices
  • Executive Offices


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  • Studio Shops
  • Standard Shops
  • Executive Shops


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Do not bother about your taste while visiting Midtown Jhelum or indulging in business activities. You do not need to search for food outlets by going outside MTJ. Pristine vendors at decent stalls with delicious tastes will be waiting for their customers. They are unparalleled in the area in terms of quality, variety, and taste. We offer stuff for various desires. From snack bars to restaurants, our food courts within our shopping malls and skyscraping heights stand out.


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Tailored to Perfection

Features and Amenities

Prime Location

24/7 Security and Surveillance

High-Speed Internet and Cable

Eco-Friendly Design with Solar Panels

24/7 Electricity

Green Spaces and Biophilic Design

High-Speed Elevators

Indoor Air Quality Measures

High RIO

Prince One Mall

Imagine, Build, Achieve Precision in Design Expertise

Epitomizing six floors of residential and commercial magnificence, crowned by a rooftop sanctuary.

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Jhelum, Pakistan

Midtown Jhelum

  • Dina: 6 km
  • Railway Station: 0 km
  • Airport: 15 km
  • University: 950M
  • Hospital: 1 km
  • Park: 0 km
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Prince One Mall

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Elevate your future with intelligent investments in luxurious apartments, shops, and premium office spaces offices. Nestled in Midtown Jhelum, this property seamlessly merges high-rise commercial and residential property, offering not just a place to live but a promising opportunity for high returns on investment (ROI).

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